Symmetrical, asymmetrical and directional tyres


In addition to its aesthetic role, the tread pattern (the one that makes contact with the ground) of the tyre is designed to meet certain needs of the drivers. Whether for snow grip or dry terrain performance, those models usually fall into three patterns: symmetrical, asymmetrical and directional tyres. Symmetrical Tyres These have a mirror-like[….]

7 Reasons to check the geometry of the wheels


Checking the geometry of the wheels can help you avoid unexpected costs. We are talking about safety and savings when talking about wheel alignment. Proper steering geometry extends the life of your tyres, saves fuel consumption, and improves the driver’s and other passengers’ safety and comfort. That is why it is crucial to understand when[….]

4 Reasons to choose Second-Hand Tyres


When it comes to purchasing new or second-hand tyres, the most important factors to consider are price and quality. There are various discussions and disagreements on whether to buy new or used tyres, especially when considering the budget. A simple online search will not offer much information. This article discusses how we classify tyres, their[….]

Hot and cold retreading: How it’s done


Hot retreading and cold retreading are the main procedures that extend the life of tyres without compromising their quality and performance. They constitute a reliable and environmentally friendly solution that drastically reduces raw materials use and carbon dioxide emissions. With over 25 years of experience in retreading, Radburg is the largest Romanian tyre manufacturer, importer[….]