Retreaded Tyres

Our retreaded tyres are made in a high quality controlled environment. We have tyres for different applications: passenger cars, commercial vans, 4×4 and trucks, summer, winter and all-season in renowned designs patterns and a wide range of sizes.

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Used Tyres

We collect high quality used tyres from Switzerland, Austria and Germany through our own networks. They are brought to our facilities and subjected to a series of tests to be properly categorized according to their quality.

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Tyre Casings

For other retreaders, we put forward an array of used tyres, well inspected and free from damage, ready to be transformed.

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We collect and sell used rims that are in good condition, without scratches or other damages. They are available in sets of 4 in sizes from 13″ to 22″ inches. 

There are also single rims available for those looking for a spare wheel or a replacement. Most of the used steel rims and aluminium alloys are for passenger cars, but we do have 4×4, commercial van and truck rims as well. 

The rims for passenger cars are in general for German cars such as VW, Opel, BMW and Mercedes, but also for other common cars in Europe. 

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Rubber Products

Tyre retreading requires various rubber products. The products we buy for retreading are the following:

  • raw rubber compound or uncured rubber and rubber strips for producing the tyre tread and surface in the hot retreading process (passenger cars tyres, vans, 4x4s and trucks);
  • rubber compound parts like natural rubber, SMR, SBR, other components, also used for hot retreading;
  • pre-vulcanized tread liners, extruding rubber and rubber envelopes for cold retreading (truck tyres).
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