7 Reasons to check the geometry of the wheels


Checking the geometry of the wheels can help you avoid unexpected costs.

We are talking about safety and savings when talking about wheel alignment. Proper steering geometry extends the life of your tyres, saves fuel consumption, and improves the driver’s and other passengers’ safety and comfort. That is why it is crucial to understand when you need to check it.

  • When is it necessary to check the tyre geometry?
  • Why is it important to verify it?

When is it necessary to check the tyre geometry?

When we were at driving school, we were advised to change our tyres every 10,000 kilometres, but there are other times when these need to be replaced. When should you check the geometry of the wheels? Here are a few examples:  

  1. When changing seasonal tyres, suspensions or an element of the steering system;
  2. When the tyres show signs of premature and/or uneven deterioration;
  3. When replacing the tyres with different sized ones;
  4. When noticing a significant change in fuel consumption; 
  5. When you collated with an obstacle (curb, pit or other);
  6. When you encounter difficulties in maintaining the direction, the car tends to move more on a specific side, or you cannot manoeuvre the steering wheel;
  7. When for a period, the car carried a heavier load;

Why is it important to verify it?


You need to do a checking regularly; any abnormalities might result in damages to the steering system, suspensions, or a significant reduction in tyre usage. Repairing these takes time, energy, and money, and a 30-minute visit to the service can help reduce unpredictable situations.

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