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Radburg Tyres is one of the largest European tyre collectors, tyre retreading companies, tyre recyclers, used and new tyre dealers!

Tyre collectors for more than 20 years, tyre retreaders for more than 16 years, we have grown up to 2000 retreaded tyres per day, more than 500,000 tyres in stock (retreads, used, casings, new and waste). In the last years we also became one of the major new tyre dealers in Romania.

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Hot and cold retreading

Hot retreading and cold retreading are the main procedures that extend the life of tyres without compromising their quality and performance.

How to choose the best tyres for your car

It might seem easy but many cars don’t have proper tyres. Find out why and use these tips to choose the right tyres for your car.

Commercial Truck Tyres – useful information

We discussed the importance of choosing the right tyres before and truck tyres are no exception, but the selection criteria are different.

4 Reasons to choose Second-Hand Tyres

A tyre does not age immediately after the production process but from the moment it is mounted and rolled.