sustainabilityRetreading is by its nature environmentally friendly.

Our activity was born from the desire to produce locally and sustainably, to contribute to the country’s economy and protect the environment.

Environmental protection is at the core of the company. By constantly updating our equipment, we have the newest technology that helps us achieve our environmental objectives.

Hot retreading and cold retreading are two different processes that extend the life and quality of tyres without compromising their performance. It is a reliable and environmentally friendly solution that drastically reduces the consumption of raw materials and carbon dioxide emissions. 

By using retreaded tyres, you actively participate in protecting the environment. This industry helps reduce oil consumption, saving the EU 500,000 tonnes of oil annually. 

5R’s of sustainability 

We incorporated the 5 R’s into our company’s sustainability vision (refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle) and we aim to minimize landfill waste, reduce CO2 emissions and raw material extraction, and keep our nature green.

Our company recycles used tyres not only by transforming some of them into new ones but also by making other rubber products so that no tyre that enters our facility ends up in a landfill. 

And by using retreaded you also adopt the 5 R’s into your personal life and business. Refuse non-recyclable products, reduce the energy, water and oil consumed to make new tyres, reuse tyres by opting for retreaded or used ones, repurpose by coming up with creative ways to use the tyres and recycle by using other rubber products made from tyres. 

We also collect, inspect and resell used tyres so that drivers get the most out of a tyre without being wasted prematurely.