We hereby guarantee the rights of the user according to Law 449/2003 and O.G. 21/1992 as well as the lack of material and manufacturing defects of the tires sold, with conditions for their normal use, according to international standards: UN CEE no. 30, UN ECE no. 34, ETRTO, DOT no. 109 and DOT no. 119 and in compliance with the parameters printed on the tire. The rights conferred by law on the consumer are not affected by the guarantee offered.

All tires sold by S.C. RADBURG CENTER S.R.L. beneficiary of a commercial guarantee for natural and legal persons, which is granted until a treadwear of 2 mm is reached.

At the same time, for the non-conformity of the product, a guarantee is granted for 36 months from the date registered on the sales fiscal document, in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 449/2003 on the sale of products and associated guarantees.

For claims that are found to be well-founded, the tire shall be completely replaced if the treadwear does not exceed 20% of the running potential. If the profile measurement is found to exceed this degree of wear, the customer will bear a percentage value equal to the degree of wear of the tire to receive the tire in return. The finding must be made by the customer at an authorized car service.

No warranty is not implied for:

  1. Winter model tires if they are rolled in summer and vice versa while premature wear occurs.
  2. Rupture of the assembled or disassembled heel.
  3. Repaired tires.
  4. Tires showing traces of petroleum products: petrol, petrol, oil or other chemical solvents.
  5. Assembly/disassembly and use of improperly sized, rusty and/or deformed rims.
  6. Driving and/or parking with low/high tire pressure as well as overloading of the vehicle.
  7. Tyre defects caused by blows, cuts, incisions or the action of chemicals.
  8. Damage caused by premature stopping or parking of the vehicle in the event of a breakdown.
  9. Damage due to improper wheel seating angles, successive steering clearances, bearings, brake or shock absorber defects, use of anti-skid chains, accidents.
  10. Tyres that rolled after the appearance of wear indicators or whose tread has been deepened.
  11. Tyres mounted, repaired or vulcanized in an insufficiently equipped car service shop, or mounted outside the authorized service.
  12. Effects caused by incorrect use or storage of tyres.
  13. Tyre exposure to various sources of ozone.
  14. Tyres used in racing or other types of competitions.
  15. Complaints must be resolved within 15 calendar days of registration and must be accompanied by the relevant invoice and this mandatory certificate completed, dated, signed and stamped.